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A dynamic marketing and communications strategy group creating exceptional brand experiences.

Brain and Heart Connection

BrandWeavers® for Health can help close the gap between the brain and the heart, and reach your patients and customers by delivering value through your marketing. It’s a new evolution… called Marketing with Meaning.

Overloaded brain

Your potential customer's brain is exposed to over 5,000 marketing and advertising messages each day. Our brains are on overload. The return on investment for traditional advertising is declining.

Women of three generationsDid you know that 85% of women make the healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Sixty-six percent of women don’t believe healthcare providers understand them. Only 14% of women trust traditional advertising, while 85% trust the advice of other women.

Building brand trust in today’s environment takes much more than placing an ad about your services. Consumers are ready for something meaningful, authentic and relevant.

BrandWeavers® for Health multi-threads approach can help.
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    What factors influence consumer decisions about healthcare?

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    Did you know that getting involved in health initiatives can drive consumer trust?

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    Want to motivate your members, donors and community?

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