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A dynamic marketing and communications strategy group creating exceptional brand experiences.

Brand and Marketing Optimization

Marketing approachEvery touch point influences your customer’s view of your brand and, ultimately, what they decide about your service. In today’s environment, brand weaving is essential.

Your brand is the total experience you create for your consumers. It is how you look, speak, and act. Your brand is communicated verbally and nonverbally through everything that touches a customer. It is an unspoken promise you make to your patients, employees, customers, and community.

In order to optimize your branding and marketing efforts, we look at each and every touch point and evaluate whether or not it is meaningful, relevant, and adds value for the people you are trying to reach. With a coordinated, integrated approach, you can market more cost-effectively through multi channels, in multi ways, and make a mega impact. We focus on effectiveness; we can help you improve efficiencies and increase your return on investment.

Technology and society are rapidly changing. Building brand trust in today’s environment takes much more than placing an ad about your services. We all receive over 5000 messages each day, but ignore or mistrust most of them.

1-Hour Free Consultation. Click to learn more.Creating a healthy brand takes an integrated approach using interlacing strategies. Call us to schedule a free consultation at 630-945-1787.


  • Triage your Marketing*
  • Brand development and enhancement
  • Message development
  • Unique selling proposition development
  • Brand engagement strategies
  • Public Relations /Community Relations
  • Advertising/graphic design
  • Cause branding
  • Customer service
  • Marketing communication – brochures, posters, flyers, postcards, stationary
  • Brand integration at all touch points
  • Patient experience
  • Website development, creation and maintenance
  • Strategic web content development
  • Special events
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • New business development

* Our Triage Your Marketing program is available for a flat fee to assess your current activities and recommend strategies to reduce costs and maximize potential. It is a comprehensive brand and marketing audit.