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Health & Wellness Campaigns

be unstoppable

Be Unstoppable was a successful campaign designed by Sharon Schreiber, Natalie Kompa and Jacq Davis to keep young people healthy, motivated and away from drugs and alcohol.

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Get out in your community and within your organization with health issues that are relevant to your customers and employees. Not only will your involvement have a positive effect on the lives of people and communities you serve, it will also have an impact on the growth of your organization.

Creating proactive, educational, and motivational grassroots health campaigns with medical, media, business, and community partnerships is our passion and signature offering.

Check out the pulse of today's healthcare consumerFor health organizations: There is no better way to communicate your mission and showcase excellence in healthcare than connecting and engaging with consumers and employees in a meaningful way that adds value to their lives and the people they care about.

We can help you boost your bottom line and strengthen your brand as a result of innovative health campaigns and partnerships that improve the health of the communities you serve.

For businesses: Health and wellness is the new “green.” Involvement in health initiatives drives trust, purchases, recommendations, and investments.

In fact, 77% of consumers believe businesses should engage in helping employees and their families lead healthier lives.*

Through creative health campaign sponsorships, cause marketing programs around pressing health issues, we can help you create win-win partnerships that not only reap a return on investment, but ignite a passion in employees and consumers to help themselves and others in meaningful ways.


  • Community pulse (needs assessment)
  • Partnership(s) development
  • Sponsorship(s) development
  • Health and wellness campaign development and implementation
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Brand integration
  • Physician integration
  • Cause marketing
  • Purposeful public relations
  • Meaningful marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Website development
  • Graphic design
  • Program evaluation
  • Micro campaign website development