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Physician Relations and Practice Consulting

Consulting doctorsConsumers are choosing your practice or your organization based highly upon physician recommendations, as well as your perception and reputation.

The ideal situation is when a referring physician recommends your practice or health organization, and the consumer respects, trusts, and values your reputation in the community, and wants to come.

Vital rewards for monitoring the pulse... learn moreWhile we work to target, connect, and communicate with your physician referral sources, we also make sure to integrate meaningful marketing and patient experience strategies as well to ensure that when a physician refers patients to your organization, both the patient, the referring physician, and the referring physician’s office staff are happy. To accomplish this requires a well-planned, well-executed, and sustained effort. This is where we come in to help you, so that you can focus on your patients and the operation of your organization. We will be your ambassadors and LINCHPIN to all that influences the success of your practice or organization.


  • Strategic physician relations and practice promotion planning
  • Business consulting
  • Patient experience
  • Physician/hospital linchpin
  • Physician to physician communications
  • Physician outreach and engagement programs
  • Physician seminar and events
  • Physician websites and web content
  • Relationship building with physician referral’s office staff
  • Process improvement
  • Practice marketing materials and literature
  • Patient seminars
  • Word of mouth campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Direct marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Community relations
  • Integrated branding