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A dynamic marketing and communications strategy group creating exceptional brand experiences.

Health Organizations

Today’s consumers make healthcare decisions based on:

  • Cost — How much will this procedure or service cost me?
  • Physician Recommendations — What does my doctor say about you?
  • Perception of Services — Would my friends recommend you?
  • Reputation — Do I know you? Will you care about my health and well being?

The PERCEPTION of your services and reputation are based on personal EXPERIENCES.

EXPERIENCES are influenced by multiple threads —
doctors, nurses, administrators, insurance companies, friends, family, community, and your involvement in health issues, just to name a few.

And, despite many changes in healthcare during the past decade physicians and their practice staffs still make more than 70 percent of the decisions concerning where patients will go for inpatient or outpatient care. So, in order to:

  • Acquire new patients
  • Expand outpatient services
  • Increase patient utilization
  • Expand promising service lines
  • Impact your bottom line

It is essential to build brand trust and understanding with consumers, referring physicians, your community and key stakeholders.

BrandWeavers® creates strategic, dynamic, and meaningful experiences interwoven together to influence the influencers, shape perceptions and reputation, and increase patient acquisition and physician referrals. We work with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, healthcare companies, and home healthcare organizations in the following practice areas:

For a unique perspective from both the medical and consumer point of view, call BrandWeavers® at 630-945-1787 to schedule a free consultation.