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2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study
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A dynamic marketing and communications strategy group creating exceptional brand experiences.

Nonprofits / Associations / Government

BrandWeavers® works with health-related nonprofit organizations, medical associations, and government entities such as health departments, health-related agencies, and cities, townships, and villages that want to help citizens get healthy. We can help,

  • Increase funding and membership numbers.
  • Motivate members, employees, and citizens toward a common healthy end game.
  • Promote relationships and practices that foster a keen interest in public health.
  • Mobilize and rally your members around a common cause, passion, or dynamic health initiative through campaigns that benefit the community at large.
  • Take already established campaigns and initiatives to the next level, making more of an impact for your organization.
  • Change attitudes around a specific issue in your organization and the community at large.
be unstoppable billboard designs

Be Unstoppable, designed by Sharon Schreiber, Natalie Kompa, and Jacq Davis was a collaborative effort to motivate youth to get healthy and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Nonprofits, hospitals, physicians, associations, government, cities, townships, and villages were all involved in this effort. Working together we can create Healthy Communities.

In order to accomplish these goals, you need to relevant, meaningful, and targeted information that speaks to the audience you are trying to reach.

It’s not easy to change people’s behavior, and it can be challenging to get people’s attention about health and wellness when they are bombarded with literally thousands of marketing messages each day.

BrandWeavers® is dedicated to helping organizations break through the clutter and make a difference. It’s not just our business…it’s our passion. We want to help you with nontraditional approaches that persuade and motivate people to take healthy action.

BrandWeavers® has experience working with a myriad of nonprofit and government agencies and associations to create dynamic campaigns, and build collaborative partnerships between physicians, businesses, and the community…We can do the same for you!

Click here to view our BeUnstoppable campaign, created to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse among teens. The campaign was so effective, that it had people talking about it in grocery store lines.

1-Hour Free Consultation. Click to learn more.Call us at 630-945-1787 for a free consultation. Let us know if you would like to implement the BeUnstoppable campaign in your area. We can also help you with funding sources to implement the campaign!

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